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Which Of These 3 Pillars 
Are You Missing?
From: Chris Vintila
Date: Wednesday, July 7, 2021
Dear Friend,

If you want to finally get in the best shape of your life while eating however you like and training the way you want without sabotaging your results, this is the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why.

Over the past 7 years, I’ve been through the trials and tribulations of trying to transform myself mentally/physically - trying all types of programs, diets, even spending thousands on supplements.

After years of dragging myself through the long time-consuming bodybuilder routines and hopping from diet to diet, hopelessly pounding back protein shakes, going through cycles of mediocre results…

…I’ve finally cracked the code on getting in incredible shape WITHOUT spending all day long in the gym, without sacrificing my lifestyle, and while eating the way I want.

And it not only works me, but for anyone who implements this formula.
Here's How It Works
When you eat less and move more, you’re going to lose weight.

We all know this to be true but this isn’t the big discovery.

The big discovery is how I ultimately cracked the code on building lean muscle mass faster and burning more fat than ever before without sacrificing my favorite foods or my lifestyle.
The Fastest Path To Long-Lasting Results
In the past couple of years, I’ve trained all types of clients ranging from entrepreneurs, CEOs, busy professionals, regular joes… and I noticed they all got incredible results from just three things.

I found - that no matter the person, there’s pretty much a “universal formula” that can dependably give you head-turning results like clockwork and give you the ability to maintain those results.

In fact, after training many of these clients, I’ve been able to…
Uncover A Simple Three-Step Process 
To Building Your Dream Body
The premise is simple: when you have these 3 areas worked out, you can easily achieve your fitness goals - faster than you ever thought possible - and maintain those results (without ever having to buy another program or trainer ever again).

1. Having a sustainable, enjoyable nutrition strategy so you can eat the foods you like and still get results
2. Using an effective and time-efficient training strategy that allows you to train how you like without hurting your results or lifestyle
3. Shifting from a 'one-size-fits-all' mindset to a custom long-term approach with your health & fitness tailored for you

Now - here’s why this should matter (A LOT) to you.
Let’s Brainstorm Some Ideas
If you’re an entrepreneur, business leader, or any kind of busy professional who directly or indirectly impacts people, clients, and customers… you OWE it to yourself, and to THEM to have these 3 power pillars built rock solid…

So you can have the confidence to walk in a room subconsciously beaming success, commanding respect and attention everywhere you go.

So you can have the energy to get MORE done, dominate your workday and have leftover reserves to spend with family and friends.

So you can have the health and vigor to live a long-lasting life to be around for your loved ones and impact more people.

All of which leads you to making MORE money and having BETTER relationships. 

Notice the positive ripple effect in all the areas of your life when you have these 3 health pillars?

Like I said, the reason more people don’t have these pillars for themselves is because it’s HARD WORK.

> “What’s the best diet out there to lose weight?”
> “What’s the best way to build muscle in the shortest time?”
> “How do I get six-pack abs?”


These questions can cost you a LOT of money on useless programs, quick fix diets that don't work and unqualified trainers, and a lot of time on Google… especially if you answer them incorrectly.

Which is where I come in…
What If I Answered Them For You?
You don’t have to worry about figuring this all out by yourself…

Or trying out a whole bunch of fad diets or complex training programs that you don’t have time for - that might not even work in the first place.

What you need is to build 3 specific pillars, CUSTOMIZED for you, and then the results start pouring in.

I’m making it sound easy, but it’s not. The truth is, I ENJOY this kind of work. I always have, and I’m arguably one of the best at doing this.

So while it is does take WORK, it’s something I really get a lot of energy from and my clients, like I said, see amazing results.

Does this sound like something you would like? If so…
Here’s How It Works
I’ve worked with all kinds of busy high performers all over the world.

There’s likely VERY little that you’re facing that I haven’t solved either for myself or for a client - male or female.

And right now I’ve set some time aside to take some brainstorming consults where we’ll hop on a telephone call and extract a VALUABLE strategy specifically to help you reach your fitness goals before the end of the year.

Now, there’s no way I can pull this off with some ‘cookie-cutter’ strategy because your body, your goals, your lifestyle is unique and the problems you’re dealing with right now are unique also…

That’s why I do these consults 1:1 and each consult is a bit different.

I’m willing to invest time into YOU before you invest anything into me by giving away a limited amount of these private consults.

Now there is a chance I’ll offer you HELP, to actually build these pillars out with and for you in your life. But I’ll only even offer that if we’re both 100% certain that you are a great client and will get tremendous results from our work together.
This Is NOT For Everybody - 
Here’s Who I CAN Help:
I don’t accept everyone who applies for a consult.

I’ll personally review your information and if you:

✅ Are willing to prioritize your health
✅ Hold yourself to high standards of integrity
✅ Are an action taker and willing to put in the work
✅ Are coachable and hungry to learn
✅ Have tried some things like different programs/‘diets’ but aren’t really seeing the results you want
✅ Don’t want to do any crazy diet restrictions 
✅ Don’t want to spend years of trial and error to figure this stuff out on your own
✅ Know exactly what your goals are
✅ Have at least 3-5 hours per week to dedicate (works with your existing time; no need to change up your life or schedule)

If you meet the criteria above, you’ll be approved and we’ll speak at our scheduled time.
Here’s How The Process Works
Since this is limited to just a few people, I need to you to fill out some information for me before we get on the telephone.

> Fill out your name and email below
> After submitting your name and email, you’ll book an available time on my calendar
> Once you’re booked in, there’s an application (unless I've reached out to you directly) you will need to fill out before our call so I can see where you’re at
> If I think I can help you pretty easily (and quickly) we’ll speak at the scheduled time. If I can’t help you, I will let you know.

OBVIOUSLY, time is a factor… because there are only so many hours in the day and we do not keep these consults open forever. With that said, this is a POWERFUL tool you can use to leverage the insights & experience of someone who’s already done what YOU’D like to do…

And I’m not charging a dime for it :-)

Fill out your info below immediately so you have a chance of getting on one of these consults!
Book Your Free Consult
Just pop in your details and then you can choose a time that best suits you on the next page.
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